We are an open global multi-stakeholder collaborative network that synergizes and amplifies efforts with CCC members and partners to co-develop digitally-enabled innovative solutions that empower stakeholders to achieve ambitious climate action goals.



Global coalition combining a Human chain collaborating and advancing Blockchain with Digital Innovations to achieve ambitious climate goals

As digital innovations are starting to mature, the CCC is evolving in response to CCC Members and stakeholders demands to focus on activities to resolve an array of challenges, including primarily:

– Growing partnerships across climate and digital communities, including the Digital Innovation Community and Digital Innovation Pavilion within the UNFCCC process
– Supporting knowledge creation and sharing, as well as access to resources to accelerate growth of solutions
– Co-leading and co-creating collaborative efforts, such as via new Climate Chain Labs, for shared data and digital innovation infrastructure to help empower stakeholders as an integrated ecosystem

The CCC was launched in 2017 with the cooperation of the UNFCCC Secretariat in response to growing interest and the rapid evolution of digital innovations for climate action. The CCC is an accredited observer organization to the UNFCCC, participating at COP and related UN events. The CCC and its members also collaborate with other initiatives focused on digital and climate, for example the World Bank, InterWork Alliance (GBBC), INATBA, and the Hyperledger Climate Action & Accounting Special Interest Group.

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360+ member organizations from 69 countries

Miroslav Polzer
Miroslav Polzer, IAAI GloCha & Climate Chain Coalition
“I am very happy and proud to be part of the CCC family. CCC is a catalyst for transformative technology enabled climate action. It is the right organization at the right time and with the new strategy framework we are even better equipped to harness the window of opportunity for a very strong role of the digital innovation agenda at the forthcoming COP28 in UAE and beyond.”
Tom Baumann, Climate Chain Coalition
“The CCC Stocktake Report and Next Strategy launched at COP27 is a testament to the goodwill and dedication of CCC Members and Partners to collaborate in support of transformative digital climate innovations. From the CCC’s founding by 12 organizations in 2017, the CCC has grown to 360+ organizations in 69 countries as an open global multi-stakeholder network. The CCC Strategy recognizes there is a great need to intensify collaboration towards co-leading and co-creating the various forms of innovations for a shared data and digital infrastructure supporting ambitious climate actions to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and beyond.”
Neo Lin
Neo Lin , QYH Investment China
“Since 2017, the CCC’s global network has greatly benefited us in our mission to apply blockchain tech to the VCM. It pleases me to see the CCC continue to grow as it remains an invaluable source of knowledge & collaboration for digital & climate innovation.”
Ira Feldman
Ira Feldman, Adaptation Leader
“Because adaptation is more complex than mitigation, Adaptation Leader believes that digital solutions are essential to accelerate resources for adaptation and to deliver effective adaptation solutions Not only will emerging tech such as blockchain and IoT be needed to manage the more complex range of factors and multiple data streams involved in adaptation, but also the development of innovative solutions for adaptation will require new approaches that can only be facilitated by digital tools and processes.”
Neil Cohn,
“Climate change is the crisis of our generation and blockchain enabled systems can are inclusive and deliver trust to help scale investment, actions and achievement. With over 360 organization members, the Climate Chain Coalition is a key platform for technology sharing and collaboration. is a tech-agnostic team that is delivering interoperable systems to encourage multi-chain and off-chain collaboration while enabling regulatory compliance to scale carbon markets.”
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As a not-for-profit organization the CCC supports it’s member organizations with:
Networking & Partnerships
The CCC is an open global network to join and interact with different stakeholders (digital companies, project developers, service providers, users, NGOs, academia, government, international organizations) and to learn, to connect and to engage with related initiatives.
Events & Communication
CCC Members are active at many in-person and virtual events including the UNFCCC COPs, World Bank Innovate for Climate conferences, Climate Weeks, as well as many regional and online events. The CCC is also partnering with the launch of the new Digital Innovation Pavilion at COP27.
Knowledge Sharing
CCC Members can self-organize to cooperate on shared interests (research, case studies, policy, governance, infrastructure) and develop partnerships. CCC Leaders can join Climate Chain Labs to structure and manage joint activities in collaboration with Partners to define and develop resources and innovations.
Our Charter
The Climate Chain Coalition membership agreed on shared principles and values guiding how we design and activate our Mission to achieve our Vision. As members of the Climate Chain Coalition, we agree to the application of distributed ledger technology (‘DLT’, including ‘the blockchain’) and related digital innovations to addressing climate change, as well as the sustainability of digital innovations, by adhering to the following shared principles and values:

We recognize the massive challenge and urgency of global transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy and align with the goals of the Paris Agreement. We will cooperate to support immediate actions by and for blockchain and related digital solutions that contribute to the achievement of this transition.

We will cooperate to support the rapid advancement of DLT solutions to address climate change across mitigation and adaptation through enhanced climate actions, including but not limited to the measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of the impact of all sorts of intervention, and the mobilization of climate finance from diversified sources.

On the basis of these shared principles and values, we will collaborate on concerted activities and in the dissemination of outputs in relation to DLT solutions and support stakeholder capacity building with regard to the deployment of shared tools and systems to advance climate change governance, especially in developing countries.

We recognize that DLT evolves constantly and therefore, maintain a neutral position regarding the applicability of DLT.

We will collaborate to establish basic standards in the development of related tools in support of the efficacy of DLT applications for climate change governance.

We will collaborate on DLT-related solutions to be developed in the interest of cost-effectiveness, integrity, transparency, and empowering stakeholders in socio-economic systems.

We will collaborate on a proactive strategy to identify and seek to mitigate fraudulent activities associated with the application of DLT in climate change and sustainability governance in general, as appropriate.

As organizations concerned about environmental integrity generally and climate change specifically, we recognize some negative effects and current challenges of many DLT applications (in particular those using the blockchain with proof of work consensus) regarding their levels of energy consumption and GHG emissions. We are transparent and forthcoming while we actively seek appropriate solutions to address these challenges.

We recognize that climate change is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will encourage the development of DLT-based innovations for climate change which can simultaneously contribute to the achievement of SDGs.

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